What is Emonic?

Emonic is an Eclipse plug-in for the C# language

How do I install it?

You have two options: Add one of the following update sites to your Eclipse update configuration (Menu: Help - Software updates - Find and Install)

http://emonic.sourceforge.net/updatesite/internap/site.xmlSan Jose, CA - North America
http://emonic.sourceforge.net/updatesite/nchc/site.xmlTainan, Taiwan - Asia
http://emonic.sourceforge.net/updatesite/ovh/site.xmlParis, France - Europe
  • Copy the emonic_VERSION.zip-file from sourceforge in Your Eclipse-dir
  • unpack it
  • start eclipse and adapt the preferences

There are quite more files on the download section of sourceforge - most .jar-files. How do I use these files?

What does Emonic provide?

  • a C# editor with syntax highlighting with code completion support
  • a wizard which adds each new C# file to an Apache Ant or NAnt build file
  • a build mechanism which invokes Ant or NAnt (which has to be installed separately)

What does Emonic not provide?

  • A debugger -sorry!
  • Refactorings
  • A surface builder

Which .NET implementations can I use?

Microsoft's implementation as well as Mono :-) Emonic supports .net 1.* as well as .net 2.* and 3.*.

Which compiler is used to compile the sources?

Emonic does not use a compiler directly. The build mechanism writes creates a build file and invokes a build command on that build file. Thus, the compiler used is the compiler which is configured in the build's setup. At the moment, Apache Ant and NAnt is supported as a build mechanism. In the case of NAnt, you can choose the compiler via a command line flag. You can write this flag in the Emonic preferences of the nant-start to force emonic to use this compiler.