Releasenotes for release 0.3.0

With this release the license of the plugin changes from cpl to epl. Also, since most features for the stable version are implemented, the software reaches beta status.

Feature-Release with many, many bugfixes, better design of the surface, quick outline, better search possibilities and a better build mechanism.

Releasenotes for release 0.1.3

Feature-release: The new features include:

  • Improved to works with .net 2.0. See the usage section for using emonic with .net 2.0
  • Emonic has now a eclipse-Perspective.
  • Update via a update site
  • Better documentation

Some bug fixes. See changelog.

There are now 2 methods for installation: You can use the update site and install it via the eclipse update mechanism or You can download the plugin from sourceforge and install it manually.

Releasenotes for release 0.1.2

Feature-release: New features: Correct indentation and toggle comment; remove c#-files from build; online help

Some smaller bug fixes

Releasenotes for release 0.1.1

Feature- and bugfix-release of emonic. Greatest changes: Outline has many icons more; emonic does not die by command-line-completion within big projects. See Changelog.

The file You want to download is Copy it in Your eclipse-folder and unzip it there. The emonicinformator.exe - file is a .net-tool which You can use to query .net-assembly. Emonic uses it for command-line-completions. You can download it here, but there is also a version in the pluginfolder under /net.

To get this part to work, set the corresponding command in the emono preferences to it (e.g. PATH/emonicinformator.exe under win, mono PATH/emonicinformator.exe on all others)