Principles of Development

The development of this project is based on the following rules:

  • The development is (at this time) based on the infrastructure of sourceforge. This means the sourceforge project is the communication platform and the central code depot of this project
  • The code as well as the documentation are in the cvs-revision-control-system of sourceforge
  • For each version published officially the code has to be tagged in the repository
  • For each bug and each new feature has to be opened a ticket in the sourceforge-tracker
  • The documentation contains a changelog describing the changes from version to version. This changelog contains the ticket numbers of the tracker and a short description. The changelog has to be adapted to each official release.
  • The documentation contains the release notes. They have to be adapted to each official release.
  • All versions of the plugin less or equal version 1.0 has to run under eclipse 3.2 and java 1.4