This roadmap is a very speculative look into the future of Emonic. If you think Emonic should have more features and other functionalities than what is listed here, feel free to let us know or get yourself involved in the development of Emonic itself. See the Principles of Development and Help Wanted sections for more information.

Jan 2006alpha0.1.0First published version with editor and build mechanism
mid 2006alpha0.1.1Bugfixes and performance tuning
end 2006alpha0.1.2Features comment/uncomment, documentation, code formation
spring 2007alpha0.1.3Improvement/Adapting to .net-2.0
fall 2007alpha0.3Improvements code of scanning, features, new widgets, End of alpha phase
spring 2008alpha0.3.1Improvements, features,......
fall 2008stable1.0All serious bugs reported are eliminated. Stability reached. End of beta phase.
spring 2009stable1.0.XX???Bugfix releases for 1.0-series
spring 2009alpha1.1.XXStart for 2.0-series
laterbeta1.6.XX2.0-series got beta-quality
laterstable2.0.XXstable 2.0-series